Have You Ever Shoshanna’d Yourself?

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Accidental Drug Use

Jason is rewatching Girls and just got to the episode where Shoshanna accidentally smoked crack. It made him wonder if anyone has accidentally smoked drugs. Unfortunately it turns out most accidental drug use stories aren’t really that fun.  Jason told us about the time he let some guy at ACL squirt a mystery liquid in his hand and then licked it.  Fortunately it was just some kind of THC and Jason didn’t end up tripping balls.  There was also the time his beloved dog, Silent J (RIP), ate a pot brownie Jason’s ex-wife brought home.  Pro tip kids, don’t Google what to do when your dog eats pot because the internet is less than helpful. Taking him to Taco Bell doesn’t fix anything.

But do let us know if you have any fun stories about the time you accidentally took drugs.



We promised you after-pics once Deb’s kitchen was finally finish and the day is finally here.  Check out all those hidden drawers!


This Is Not Good Video

We played a round of But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It Today.  Check back later tonight if it’s not up yet.

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Best way to boost your morale is to do a good deed.


Hopefully this is the last time we force you to watch a clip from Girls.


And now, Samuel L Jackson saying Mother F**ker in 15 different languages. (Technically-NSWF language)


Ryan Reynolds continues to crush it with the commercials.


Denim Boots not included.


Seriously, this is the last one.


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