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Jerks In Cars

Special Guest Friend Dave B joined us once again for some more relatable dad content.  Dave recently got a vasectomy because he and his wife were done making babies, and today told us about how that presented

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Jason's girlfriend, bumblina, and nick take a selfie with jason in the background

Bumblina and Friends

Today’s special guest friend was none other than Jason’s own girlfriend, Bumblina.  She was nice enough to volunteer her services helping us fill our female perspective void and she freaking crushed it!  We had her answer the

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nicks wallet he thought he lost but had just slipped into the side of his chair

“What Would Fauci Do?”

Today we were joined by special guest friend Jason Jepson, the self-proclaimed Head of Global.  This Jason is a PR wiz who leads one of those lives that seems made up.  Like the time he texted our

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