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deb's dog alfie as a puppy

Happy Birthday Alfie!

This Saturday marks a momentous occasion.  Our very own Alfie O’Keefe turns two years old.  To celebrate, we posted a selection of some of his cutest puppy pictures, as well as some from the birthday party we

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group picture of the 101x staff back when Jason was a lowly promotions grunt

Happy Anniversary Jason!

Apparently we missed another anniversary for Jason.  He’s had several this year for various milestones in his relationship with his Bumblina, and he still celebrates his wedding anniversary even though he’s been divorced for a decade.  Looks

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deb with a mini christmas tree at wahoo's fish tacos back in the day

Time To Talk About Trees

  Hopefully you all had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Thanks to a nice listener and her son, Jason was able to secure a Valentina’s smoked turkey after all.  They even threw in some extra links of

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deb holding a corcsicle wine glass

Deb Got A Sussie

Yesterday Deb got a sussie, or surprise, in the mail.  It was a Corkcicle wine glass, which is basically a Yeti cooler for wine.  It was technically a gift addressed to the previous owners of her house,

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deb's tortilla espana

Cooking With Deb

Over the weekend Deb was in a cooking mood and decide to whip up some Tortilla Espanola this weekend.  It’s essentially a potato omelet, but better.  You fry some potatoes, onions and eggs in a cast iron

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