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Nick holding up hemorrhoids cream

Nick Says Yes To Fixing His Butt Issues

Nick’s got some very personal problems, but he is saying yes to fixing them! On a very invasive edition of Just Say Yes Day, Nick talks about his Hemorrhoid ointment. Watch more of our This Is Not

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Emily and a bunch of her friends posing for a photo all dressed up as different "J" things

Are Party Crashers Allowed?!

Emily finally went to her “J”-themed party, but was surprised when a few unexpected visitors showed up. Do people actually crash parties? Emily was under the impression that this only happens in the movies! Not only did

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101X Homegrown

Here’s your weekly 101X Homegrown update! Enjoy. Be sure to follow Homegrown on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’ve got an email you’d like to send, shoot it here. PLAYLIST FOR 08.07.22: Angel White – Villain (NEW)

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Emily and friends next to Big Time Rush

Emily’s First Boy Band Experience!

Emily has never considered herself a fan girl, but yesterday she completely embraced it for the first time. A Nickelodeon boy band from her youth called Big Time Rush recently regrouped to go on tour. Some of her friends

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