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jason's pool that has been torn up to fix leaks

Jason’s Got a Dirty House

Today Jason chose to challenge an innocent 8-year-old girl to a “Who’s The A-hole?” After Jason’s girlfriend invited her friend and daughter to their house, the daughter had something to say to Jason about his choice in

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straw in sauce

Szechuan Sauce Straw Slurp

We almost got him! Watch Matt try to complete the Szechuan sauce straw slurp as part of his punishment. What punishment you ask? Well every week we do a sports bet and this one involved the Austin

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The Weekend 420 Buzz May 27th-29th

Things to do in Austin this weekend. When and where to do them. Brought to you by: Smoking Burnouts   Friday, May 27th   Photo: Hot Luck Live Food & Music Hot Luck Live Food & Music |

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photoshop of bumblito's face on a child businessman's body

Anyone Want To Hire Bumblito?

Can Bumblito get a job? More importantly, can he keep a job? Jason’s girlfriend recently rejected the idea of her 14-year-old son getting a job despite his wishes. Jason wants an excuse to get rid of him

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Jason on a floaty with a blur over his crotch

Jason Likes It Back And To The Left

What is the optimal penis placement? Yes, this is a very important question. When Jason changed in front of his girlfriend, she was very confused about his choice of junk direction. We need your thoughts! Let us

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