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CJ Morgan Show | 3 -7p Mon – Fri

Funny, random and weird pretty much sums up CJ Morgan who hangs out with you weekdays from 3-7p. He has many self-appointed nicknames including the Captain, Wizard, and the Burt Reynolds of Radio. CJ is known for his Reverse Prank Calls, Not So Viral Videos, and stupid jokes in-between your favorite songs.

In his pastime CJ enjoys playing with his pups: Mr. President and Pickle, camping, playing with LEGO, and dressing up in medieval armor and accidentally shooting flaming arrows over his neighbor’s fence.


Q: What happened to Matt Bearden? A: CJ ate him.

Q: Who is that cool chick on the show? A: Emily and she’s not that cool.

Q: Who makes all those cool beats and sounders? A: Producer Spenny

Want to know more? Listen Live or just give him a call – 512.835.1015 

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fantasy football trophy

The Rules for Fantasy Football

Every year as fantasy football starts winding up, there are always a series of arguments across social media. This includes my buddy who commission a league I am in and I commission a league he is in.

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cj morgan soccer ball

Penalty Shootout

Its a tie! This week’s sport bet will be decided by a penalty shootout. The loser has to shave CJ’s back @thecjmorgan This week’s sports net will be concluded by penality shootout. Loser has to shave CJ’s

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Mr P’s Portrait

For whatever reason, CJ decided to commission a local artist (and fellow Sherwood Forest Faire enthusiast) to sketch his fiance and their dog Mr. President. He also insisted that the drawing depict them in some sort of

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me Nd adam float fest

Xposure | Float Fest

Fresh off the river and back from Float Fest, I have a couple of tunes from artists who played the event plus a few more I discovered along the way. Enjoy! Lord Huron – Love Me Like

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mr president

Good Mood Dude (REMIX)

CJ Morgan constantly “writes” and sings songs to his fiance. She hates them. So The Captain teamed up with MC Spenn-C to turn his little tunes into big hits. What do you think of the first two

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