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You’ve probably heard Matt Bearden or CJ Morgan on the radio before. The two vets of the Austin airwaves have each been on for over a decade and are now teaming up for a new show. Just Matt and CJ will be the most fun, informative and [insert creative adjective] show on the radio!

Matt Bearden The following was copied and pasted from IMDB: Matt Bearden is an actor, known for The Association (2015), In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007) and Austin Stories (1997).

CJ Morgan Funny, random and weird pretty much sums up CJ Morgan. He has many self-appointed nicknames including the Captain, Wizard, and the Burt Reynolds of Radio. CJ is known for his Reverse Prank Calls, Not So Viral Videos, and stupid jokes in-between your favorite songs.

In his pastime CJ enjoys playing with his pups: Mr. President and Pickle, camping, playing with LEGO, and dressing up in medieval armor and accidentally shooting flaming arrows over his neighbor’s fence.

Find the full list of the Matt and CJ Podcast here!

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