What Fruit Can You Throw The Farthest?

Nick and Emily sitting in front of a table with a bunch of fruit on it

Here on The Morning X we only ask the real questions. A few weeks ago we wanted to know, “What fruit can you throw the farthest?” Yes, this was Nick’s idea. Here’s the clip if you missed it:


Well, we know that the question has been burning in your mind since we first brought it up, so out of the goodness of our hearts, we tested it for you! I mean it takes a certain type of person to want to take time out of their day to throw fruit in a park. Luckily, we are that type of person. So we created a Tiktok for your entertainment.


(and the TikTok was edited really good because Lucas made it)


And the results are in! The winner is… NICK’S Lemon!

Honorable mention was the Pear, surprisingly.

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