The Last of Us Podcast: The Three of Us

Spencer, Nick, and Emily photoshopped onto some characters from The Last Of Us video game

One of the most highly anticipated video game adaptations is finally available for you to watch on HBO Max. The Last Of Us, originally developed by Naughty Dog for PlayStation in 2013, tells the story of the main character Joel struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by a deadly virus. But, this isn’t your typical zombie-killing trope, this is a masterpiece. Or… so we hope. Nick, Emily, and our special guest from the CJ Morgan Show, Spencer, have made a commitment to watch every single episode as it airs to give you a compelling hour-ish-long podcast. Spoilers ahead, duh.


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Episode 9

We discuss what we liked and didn’t like from the season finale, whether Joel made the right decision, and what the ramifications will be for the future.


Catch up with our previous podcast episodes below:

Episode 1

We discuss how well the first episode sticks to the beginning of the game, some Easter eggs you might have missed, and how Nick spent way too much time and effort trying to figure out what part of Austin Joel and Sarah lived in.


Episode 2

We are joined by CJ Morgan to discuss episode two of HBo’s The Last of Us, including what makes a zombie a zombie and that polarizing kiss at the end of the episode.


Episode 3

We discuss whether this was the greatest episode of television ever and whether Nick Offerman or Murray Bartlett is going to win an Emmy for it.


Episode 4

We discuss episode three of HBO’s The Last Of Us with bonus commentary on Pedro Pascal’s Saturday Night Live appearance with superfan Momo!


Episode 5

We discuss episode five of The Last Of Us, including Kathleen’s death, finally seeing a Bloater, and which change the show made to Henry and Sam’s tragic story that made it better than the game.


Episode 6

We discuss Joel finally reuniting with Tommy, THE scene between Joel and Ellie, and why a Diva Cup is the ultimate video game equipment upgrade.


Episode 7

We discuss our biggest glimpse yet of Ellie’s backstory in the show, some major differences from how things were in the game, and which The Last of Us character each of us is. Take the silly BuzzFeed quiz with us here!


Episode 8

We discuss Ellie having to survive on her own while Joel recovers, whether TV David is better than video game David, and why it’s so darn hard to tell who’s good and who’s evil in a post-apocalyptic winter wonderland.


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