Nick Can’t Stop Playing The Legend of Zelda

Screen with "Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom" playing with a controller. Image provided by shutterstock

Tears of the Kingdom came out on Friday and we haven’t stopped talking about it. This past weekend Nick had to force himself to leave the house so that he could take a break from playing. What are your thoughts? Is this a 10/10 game or not worth the hype? Let us know on Twitter @101xMorningX


For some extra nerd content, check out the Zelda-themed food that Emily made last week!


Plus, Nick showed Emily this old LOZ commercial and she was mortified.


The Morning X Burning Question

Happy late Mother’s Day! How did you celebrate your mother? This year Nick spent some quality time alone with his mom and now wants to put her on blast for not knowing what Migas were. But what is more peculiar, the fact that Nick’s mom was unaware of Migas, or that Nick had never been to Ikea?



Emily’s Screentime Hack

Emily has been trying her hardest to cut down on using social media by dusting off her Nintendo DS and mindlessly playing on that. Genius idea or just plain stupid? Which DS games do you miss playing?


Nick’s Confession…

Nick has made a big mistake. A big BANG mistake that is. After watching every season, he is finally ready to admit that he has now seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sure it is 2023, but it’s never too late to start a mediocre sitcom that puts on nerd-face!


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