Cooking With Deb

deb's tortilla espana

Over the weekend Deb was in a cooking mood and decide to whip up some Tortilla Espanola this weekend.  It’s essentially a potato omelet, but better.  You fry some potatoes, onions and eggs in a cast iron skillet, then finish it off in the broiler under the flames.  She also made a healthy pecan pie with the help of one of her friend’s kids.  A couple of superficial fleshwounds from flying pecan shells later, they had a beautiful pecan pie that looked straight out of a commercial.  While Nick and Spenny got to try some leftover Tortilla Espanola, the pictures of the pecan pie would have to suffice as there were no leftovers to share.

Cooking with Deb


Producer Nick Bonds With Bumblito

Last week we told you how Jason bonded with his Bumblina’s son, Bumblito.  Bumblina is going back to school and asked Jason to pick Bumblito up from school on Thursday.  However the following day, had a tee time with Trevin On The Radio and asked Producer Nick for help.  Nick has hung out several times with Bumblito so it was no problem.  Skip to today and Nick told us, not only did he take Bumblito to Sonic for some ice cream after school, but they also stopped in an empty parking lot and let Bumblito take a turn behind the wheel!  Nick made sure Bumblito had mastered which pedal was the break and then they took one of the slowest laps in history around the parking lot.  Not bad for a twelve-year-old.


I Love You Call

Since Deb was in a baking mood we called Amaretti’s Desserts in Jacksonville, Florida to see if they had any pecan pies as healthy as Deb’s.


Daily Morale Boosters

Before you get those decorations down from the attic this weekend, just know the bar has already been set.


These people deserve every award! #christmas #homealone #christmascountdown2020 #decoration #holiday

♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee


Don’t mess a Florida Man’s pup.


This is a good friend.


And finally, no matter how your Monday’s going, it’s probably not as bad as this guys.

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