Deb Goes Blonde, Jason Goes Guy Fieri

Jason and Deb as blondes

This week we are throwing it back to 2014! Deb wanted to go blonde since blondes have more fun. Deb had to try it for herself. She had to go to her hairdresser multiple times since she’s naturally brunette in order to get a true blonde color. Deb was afraid it was turning into a custardy color which is another reason she had to make several trips back. Deb had lots of fun being blonde and even got a touch-up haircut during SXSW at a pop-up hair salon on Red River st. Deb says it was one of the best haircuts she’s ever had! Since then Deb has gone back to brown but had lots of fun as a blonde! For the record, Jason wants to be included because he was also blonde at the time, but he mostly looks like Guy Fieri.

Deb goes blonde!

Oklahoma Woman is the New Florida Man

During the news, we talked about a story of an Oklahoma couple in an open relationship that had an extreme road rage incident with the other woman. This got us onto the topic of open relationships and how they work. We discussed the difference between open relationships and threesomes. Where threesomes are just about sex but an open relationship involves more emotional ties. Deb also talked about sex and how there are no rules, besides consent! She thinks people should be open about what they like and want. This way people would be so much happier because more people would be getting laid! 


Nick and Dick On Sports

Do you love football? Do you love beer? Do you love Jason and Nick? Well even if you are iffy about any of those four things, you should come on out to Stereotype Bar this Sunday. Jason and Nick will be doing the live broadcast of (Nick &) Dick on Sports from 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm at Stereotype on W. 5th and Rio!



Jennifer Anniston joined Instagram and broke some records and the app. 

A new movie is coming out based on the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.



Game 4 of the ALCS was postponed due to rain in New York. 

The autopsy report showed that Cedric Benson’s BAC was .02 when he wrecked his motorcycle. 

Several Texas Exes including Jerrod Heard were drafted in the XFL.

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