Deb Conquers Fake Auntie Land

Deb is #1 fake auntie

Deb is trying to be the best fake auntie she can be. She knows that boys under the age of 10 love two things: poop and slime. She has hit the jackpot and found some really great toys that combine both of these things! They’re called “The Hangrees” and they’re collectible action figures that make poop slime! Directions include: mixing the powder it comes with and then “shaking the butt.” Hopefully, it will be a hit with the kids, but so far it looks like Deb will be taking first place in Fake Auntie Land! 


Deb Conquers Fake Auntie Land

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Poop slime toy
Poop Slime Toy
Deb rocks as an auntie

  • Poop slime toy
  • Poop Slime Toy
  • Deb rocks as an auntie

Chewbacca poop slime toy



Radio Baby 

Deb commented on how we need to keep the show childless, meaning Deb, Jason, Producer Nick and Katy are not parents and Deb wants to keep it that way. In fact, Deb says that Katy is here now and she is basically a child and can be the show’s baby. At first, Katy thought Deb was going to say that since she’s here now that she’s young and fertile that she could have a kid! Jason thinks it’s a good idea and that having a radio baby could get more “latching content.” Even though Katy is under both of their radio influence wings, she doesn’t want to have a baby yet. But to be under Jason, Deb and Nick’s wings she’ll need a 3 winged plane for that to happen.


Deb’s Diary 

Dear Diary, Fall weather is here but that means there are leaves already covering Deb’s roof. It’s become too much and it’s finally time for Deb to get on the roof and get those leaves off! She’s pretty excited because it’s quite fun getting on your roof if you’ve never tried it. Her only hesitation is that the weather forecast says it will be “breezy” this weekend. Deb is wondering if that is too much wind and if she could be knocked off her roof. Is it safe to clear your roof of leaves when it’s “breezy” outside? Someone let Deb know before we have an O’Keefe roof accident.


Alfie(& Katy)ween: Day 2

Today Alfie was feeling adventurous. So we present to you on Day 2 of Alfieween: Alfie the Alfiegator and Katy the safari guide! You can check out the pictures here! 



The final trailer for the new Star Wars movie dropped yesterday. 

Burger King released a new “Ghost Whopper” during the spooky Halloween season.

A list from Vivid Seats reveals the most heavy-metal loving states with North Dakota coming in at #1. 



Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans will be out 6-8 weeks after undergoing knee surgery.

The Houston Astros deny that a General Manager taunted a female reporter. 


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