The CJ Morgan Show Podcast Recap – LEGO Drop, Doo ball, Fruit Nuggets + Phone Core

Podcast recap CJ morgan show 5/24/24


Other working title: Employee of the Month Smashes Coworker’s personal items. Finally, Matt destroyed some of CJ’s LEGO sets.

CJ has another strange dream about Billie Eilish, Matt is impressed by a recent crypto heist, and Spenny is bored by the size of the universe.

MONDAY – Doo Ball | 05.20

CJ spent the weekend doing yardwork and has never been happier. He even set up his above-ground pool again.

Matt discovers a method for making the best French fries ever, Spenny talks about one of his favorite childhood video games, and CJ is kinda sad that today is the last day of The CJ Morning Show.


TUESDAY – Queen Mail | 05.21

CJ proposes a pool party while his lover is out of town for the weekend.

Matt has discovered the ideal travel times for Memorial Day weekend, Spenny learns that the listeners are far better at trivia than he realized, and CJ informs us that the Queen of England was one of the first people to use email.

WEDNESDAY – Fruit Nuggets | 5.22

CJ has been arguing with people online again, except this time it’s to dunk on anyone who disagrees with student debt relief.

Matt learns that Disney character Tinkerbell might be getting cancelled, Spenny goes on the hunt for pudding, and CJ pretends he loves oatmeal.


THURSDAY -Phone Core | 05.23

Possibly one of the dumbest fashion trends ever invented…. and CJ looks forward to his fiancé-free weekend, Matt reminisces on school being out for the summer, and Spenny likes picking up lucky pennies.


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