CJ Morgan Show Podcast Recap 6/7 – Dong Whip (Song), Sand Doo, Giraffe Crimes and Gotcha Game

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It’s been a while since DJ Spen-C released a new track, so be sure to check out “Dong Whip.”

Wait, that’s not an alluring title?

Oh, you’ll love it.


Then, learn more about white sand beaches, early video game controversies, and why Matt thinks it’s actually possible to have fun in Waco. (???)

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LAST FRIDAY 5.31 Frozen Feud

Nestle CEO remarks that weight loss drugs like Ozempic are forcing them to rethink their frozen foods strategy.

CJ experiences a little road rage, Matt recommends a venue in Round Rock, and Spenny urges everyone to speak in complete sentences.

MONDAY 6.3 Dong Whip

CJ and Spenny have prepared a new song for your listening displeasure.

Matt is off today, CJ teaches what he knows about eggs, and Spenny learns to take a compliment.


TUESDAY 6.4 Sand Doo

Today the gang learns the origin of white sand beaches.

CJ is upset with his friends’ plans for a beach trip, Matt is convinced you can actually have fun in Waco, and Spenny learns the recipe for classic Worcestershire sauce.


WEDNESDAY 6.5 Gotcha Game

The gang learns about one of the earliest video game controversies, dating back to 1973.

CJ really wants to buy a kayak against his lover’s wishes, Matt is excited for a new Apple feature that will put A.I. on its phones, and Spenny


THURSDAY 6.6 Giraffe Crimes

A giraffe was up to no good recently.

CJ discovers that K-Mart still exists in some parts of the world, Matt finds a game he might actually like to play in VR, and Spenny finds a way (I didn’t know what to type here sorry).


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