The Top Ten Killers Tracks

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In honor of the long awaited and COVID delayed The Killer’s album Imploding The Mirage, I thought it was time for a definitive list of the best The Killers songs.

Of course this is my humble (but correct) opinion. If I left something out, please let me know.

100) Human

I am very passionate about the music I love and equally so about songs I hate. And boy howdy do I hate this song. It sounds corny a/f and makes zero sense. Ask yourself, is it possible for one song to ruin an entire catalog of great music from an artist you like? Close. Damn close.


13) The Man

Wonderful Wonderful, 2017

The most 80’s soundtrack I think Brandon Flowers has sounded.


12) Flesh in Bone

Battle Born, 2012

Almost a little too Foo Fighter-y epic for the sake of sounding epic at times. Still good though.


11) Under the Gun

Sawdust, 2007

A b-side from Hot Fuss. My friend Sawyer said to add this in.


10) Caution

Imploding the Mirage, 2020

Everyone was so excited to have a new Killers album that we were going to like what was released, no matter what. Turns out, the first single is pretty damn catchy!


9) Read My Mind

Sam’s Town, 2006

A little soft and pop for my liking but still a good song that keeps building pace towards a nice live show climax.


8) Tranquilize

Sawdust, 2007

From their b-sides, this one is much less electronic and more rock. Also features Lou Reed!!


7) Fire In Bone

Imploding the Mirage, 2020

This weird lil ditty has stuck with me the most from the latest album. That could change, as could this list but for now here it sits.


6) Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

Hot Fuss, 2004

All in all probably their most brooding and coolest sounding song.


5) Somebody Told Me

Hot Fuss, 2004

This is where it gets tough. All of these top five could be number one.


4) All These Things That I’ve Done

Hot Fuss, 2004

Just a unique piece of work from the first album that I think would go on to be more of a template of their future sound. I don’t know wtf I am talking about but seems legit?


3) Mr. Brightside

Hot Fuss, 2004

Sure, Mr. Brightside is supposed to be number one but that is not how click bait lists get clicks and start fights. It might be their biggest hit, the encore song, and most played on the radio but it is not their best. Deal with it.


2) When You Were Young

Sam’s Town, 2006

You thought it was going to be a Hot Fuss sweep of the top three, right? Not so fast. Now that I am old I fucking get this song. I get it. I remember listening when I was young and thinking how weird it was going to be when I was old. Anyhow… try watching this music video and not tear up.



1) Smile Like You Mean It

Hot Fuss, 2004

Mr. Brightside is the favorite but this seems to have more of the real passion of what Brandon Flowers was trying to get out. It was also my favorite of the five bangers that start off Hot Fuss.


Also considered:

Dying Breed, Sam’s Town, Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll, Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits cover), Losing Touch

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