Do Our Favorite Childhood Movies Hold Up?

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Do they hold up? There are so many wonderful movies that shaped my youth. From seeing them in theaters, to renting the VHS and even watching them on TV when I was home sick from school. However, do my favorite movies still hold up as an adult? If so, why or why not? I am going to embark on a quest to watch all my favorite childhood movies and will let you know how they hold up compared to my super adult logical brain. Cartoons and some award winning classics are left out because, obviously, they hold up (Stand By Me, E.T., Mio in the Land of Faraway etc).

In no particular order here are the movies I plan to watch (with more being added). The week I watch them I will put up a poll on Twitter and encourage you to watch and give feedback.


1988, Ron Howard

Rotten Tomatoes:

51% critic, 79% audience

Does It Hold Up:

Yes! It is classic sword and sorcery. The writing, plot and acting is solid but doesn’t take itself too seriously. The effects aren’t the best but still hold up and it does borrow a GOOD amount from the LOTR books, but still, it did enough to be its own thing. Plus, how can you not love Kurt Russell as Madmartigan!!



Your Thoughts:

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twitter comment


Coming Soon:

Temple of Doom

The Last Crusade

The Never Ending Story

Flight of the Navigator

Dick Tracy

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Princess Bride

(More to be added, suggestions welcome)

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