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The Morning X with Jason and Deb

Deb has a grown up sleep over with her best friend and what should men over 30 never wear.
Wearing your dog on your shoulder is cool, unless he has a bruised tail. Plus what dating sites are the best for hooking up.
We reenact something that never happened. Also wedgies.
Don't eat condoms - even if you're not a dog.
Ralphie May explains how his kids cuss, and it's actually pretty awesome.
Jason's million dollar idea that he'll never actually make happen.
Jason and Deb discuss someone mailing us a bag of candy penises, how you can join Deb's 16 day weightloss plan and Does Deb Know Stuff.
Jason and Deb discuss how Jason got mistaken for being a Wal-Mart employee, home remedies to get rid of the mosquitos at Deb's new house, more on the...
Jason and Deb discuss David Letterman announcing his final show guests, why Deb's hair is the C of the Week, Rob Gronkowski's Tinder tips, and...
Jason and Deb discuss the latest revenge product you can send your enemies, a jar of farts, the Patriots saying the ballboy who called himself The...