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The Morning X with Jason and Deb

Jason has beef with one of his neighbors but he is Deb's C of the Week.
Jason meets his latest soul mate and how using your kids pee to pass a drug test can ruin your marriage.
Deb has a grown up sleep over with her best friend and what should men over 30 never wear.
Wearing your dog on your shoulder is cool, unless he has a bruised tail. Plus what dating sites are the best for hooking up.
We reenact something that never happened. Also wedgies.
Don't eat condoms - even if you're not a dog.
Ralphie May explains how his kids cuss, and it's actually pretty awesome.
Jason's million dollar idea that he'll never actually make happen.
Jason and Deb discuss someone mailing us a bag of candy penises, how you can join Deb's 16 day weightloss plan and Does Deb Know Stuff.
Jason and Deb discuss how Jason got mistaken for being a Wal-Mart employee, home remedies to get rid of the mosquitos at Deb's new house, more on the...