Bread Toe Pong is Back!

cj morgan and matt beardee 101x

This year’s sports bet will feature a midseason tournament (just like the NBA). Instead of sports bets, the gang will be competing in bread-toe-pong which involves elements of tic-tac-toe, eating and beer pong. The first round involves everyone playing each other once with two points awarded to the victor or one point to each in the event of a draw. The best two will square off in a championship death match worth five points towards the overall sports bet win-loss.


Matt vs Spencer. CJ vs Emily. Who will win this week’s #TicTacToast challenge? Hopefully no one has a peanut or gluten allergy! #radio #challenge #game #tictactoe #beerpong #austintx

♬ 10 minutes! Fashionable and bright jazz piano(1127989) – nyansuke



Bread-Tac-Toe-Pong #fyp #radio

♬ original sound – CJ Morgan





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