New Music Friday – Latest Releases (2/9)

Ty Segall - David A. Smith / Contributor

Getty Images: David A. Smith / Contributor

Looking for new tracks to brighten up your Weekend? We’ve got a few recent releases from artists and a few making their way to Austin soon:


Paramore – Burning Down the House

If you haven’t heard, A24 Music is cooking up a Talking Heads tribute album titled ‘Everyone’s Getting Involved,’ just releasing this behind the scenes video last week! The band just won two Grammys, concluded their record deal and are now on a bit of a hiatus so soak this one up all you can.




McKenna just released a brand new album titled ‘What Happened to the Beach’ and a music video for ‘I Write The News.’




Ty Segall- Three Bells:

Coming in with a highly rated new rock album and live performance coming on April 22nd at Mohawk.


Chelsea Wolfe — She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She

Chelsea Wolfe just released a new album and the award for longest title of the year so far!


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