How Many Bucket Hats Is Too Many?

nick wearing all nine of his novelty bucket hats on them

Recently Nick has become a fan of bucket hats to keep his precious face protected from the sun.  The only problem they’re all one size fits most and his gigantic head does not count as most.  But he’s going to keep buying them until he finds ones that fit.  In the meantime, if anyone wants to buy a novelty bucket hat, get at him.

How Many Bucket Hats Is Too Many?


Jason Is Back!

Jason was back in studio today and spilt the tea on why he’s been out.  In a nutshell, his brain is broken and it’s leaked into his stomach.  On the bright side, he have discovered the secret to getting killer abs… non-stop vomiting.


Emily’s First Time

Emily literally ran into her middle school bully while at ACL last weekend.  Luckily there’s no revenge better than having better festival credentials because of your fancy radio job.  Take that bullies.


Emily Gets Hooked

Jason and Emily faced off in another epic round of the Doug Benson IMDB Game.  All they had to do was guess the movie based on the list of characters provided by Nick.  Seems easy right?  Wrong!


Daily Morale Boosters

If you haven’t seen Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly quiz each other about their relationship for GQ it’s everything you would expect, and more!


Even LeBron James has been sucked into Squid Game fever.  Spoiler Alert obviously.

And finally, in the latest musical mashup you never knew you wanted, Slipknot meets Baby Shark.

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