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Red Lip District

Deb has a new theory she wants to test out. Lately, as she has been out and about she’s gotten several more looks from guys than she usually does. She’s gone to gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and receives looks from multiple men! Deb said it’s even happened when she’s coming straight from the gym and feels like she looks sweaty and gross! She got a new lipstick recently and has been wearing it everywhere. It’s a great pop of color and makes her happy so why not! Since she’s been getting all of these looks now she’s afraid that the red lipstick is making her look like a prostitute. Is her theory correct? Is it because of the lipstick or is she overthinking it and would get looks anyway because she’s hot? Come on Deb, you still got it, girl! 



Happy 1st day of Alfieween! In celebration of Halloween we have decided to do what the people want; put Alfie in multiple Halloween costumes. Today until the 31st Alfie and Producer Katy will be dressing up each day in a costume. Some will be couples costumes, other days they will face off to see who has the best costume. You can check out the photos here! 


Jason hits the “Dab”

In case you missed it, Jason tried dabbing and found out he quite enjoys it. Listen for the mega flop sound, taking his flip flop power to a whole new level. 


Jason is Bevers 

Deb and Producer Katy plan on dressing up as Ilana and Abbi from Broad City for Halloween. This gave them the idea that Jason could be Bevers. He said he will only do it if Katy will reenact the scene where Abbi punts a rotisserie chicken. It reminded us that we recreated the printer scene from Office Space and thought you might want to relive that masterpiece.



A company has invented the “testicuzzi” a mini jacuzzi for your testicles.

Quentin Tarantino will not censor his film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in China. 

This year you can be the Popeye’s sold-out spicy chicken sandwich for Halloween.



The Cowboys are back after beating the Eagles. 

The Astros beat the Yankees and are in the World Series. 

Texas barely pulled off a win against Kansas this weekend.

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