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Space Jam, Revisited

Posted 4/18/2014 9:39:00 AM

 If you were a kid (or a parent) in the '90s, you probably saw Space Jam.  Which wasn't nearly as awesome as this recreation is, put together by the Funny Or Die people, starring various hilarious people.  And Blake Griffin.  

Michael Jordan is probably rolling over in his career's grave.



Do You Want Our ACL Passes?

Posted 4/18/2014 5:29:00 AM

UPDATE:  We did give away the passes this morning, so thanks to all of you who dug through the website to try and win.  The station will continue giving tickets away through various contests till Tuesday, when the lineup is announced, so keep checking back for your chance to win.


We have ACL 3-day passes.  You want them.  We know.  And we want to give them to you. 

Here's how you win:  find the answers to the questions below scattered around, e-mail the correct answers, and you're qualified to win.  We'll draw a name at random during Friday's show.  It's that simple. 

Sure, you have to do a little work, but isn't ACL worth a few clicks of the old finger?  We think so. 


Here are the questions:

1) Which two celebrity guests attended our St. Patrick’s Day Broadcast?


2) What was the lowest temperature ...

Jason is a Cold, Wet, Emotionless, Dead FIsh

Posted 4/17/2014 9:48:00 AM


Yesterday Jason was playing golf and putting sunscreen on and remembered that he should probably apply it to his ears. Unfortunately Jason had a spray can of sunscreen and just couldn’t figure out the best way to get it on his ears and face. Deb would argue that logically one should spray the sunscreen in their hands, but instead he just went ahead and sprayed the sunscreen on his face and ear holes. No surprise here, the sunscreen got in his eyes and burnt them for the rest of the day. 


In this segment we talk about something that should be a thing but isn't yet a thing, as far as we know. Like the flying car. Jason wants his car radio to talk (sync) to his phone. He doesn’t want to go through all of the hard work of plugging his phone in ...

We've All Got Wu-Tang Names (And You Can, Too)

Posted 4/17/2014 8:55:00 AM

In honor of today's Does Deb Know Stuff Trivia, Producer Nick found a Wu-Tang Clan name generator and put all of our names of the Morning X in it.

AND IT IS SO ACCURATE. Like, weirdly accurate. It's almost creepy. Nick put in different versions of all of our names so it would come up with a couple of Wu Tang names for each of us.

If you want to check out your own Wu-Tang name, go to the generator. But before you do, just look at how accurate our names are. It's WEIRD.

The Morning X Wu-Tang Clan:

Jason Dick - Lucky Criminal

Jason Alvarez - The Dominator

Nick Hajda - Sarkastik Bastard

Nicholas Hajda - E-ratic Dominator

Producer Nick - Phantom Swami

Nickmouth - Bittah Contender

Deborah O’Keefe - Smilin’ Hunter

Deb O’Keefe - Misunderstood Overlord

Debbie O’Keefe - Unlucky Lover

Alex Diamond - Mighty Desperado

Richard Diamond ...

Tweet Responses to US Airways

Posted 4/16/2014 9:44:00 AM

FunnyOrDie did a roundup of the best tweets in response to the extremely graphic photo that US Airways tweeted to a girl who complained about their service.  Basically someone had tweeted a picture to them, which included a toy plane put in a woman's most holy of areas.  We can't link you to the original image.


But we can show you this collection of responses, including:


I've always said US Airways had the most leg room.



Hey @USAirways how do I charter a plane into my vagina?



Some people are saying @USAirways was hacked but it looks like ... an inside job.



Check out the full list here.

Warning:  There are some pictures there that might get you some awkward glances while you're looking at it at work.  Just so you know.


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