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stock photo of old people enjoying life with jason's face photoshopped on it

Retirement Community FOMO

We don’t have to tell you that when it comes to the fight for equality, nobody is a bigger ally than Jason. Which is why when he was playing golf at Laughing Tree, a retirement community in

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jason and his bumblina on a hike in hawaii

Anniversary Intercourse

Jason and his Bumblina celebrated their two year anniversary over the weekend.  They had a romantic dinner, a number of drinks, and of course some anniversary sexy time.  The only thing that could possibly ruin things would

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emily in studio holding crystals that have been charged with moon energy

Guess Who’s A Crystal Girl Now?

When you’re a young 23-year-old like Emily everything is still new and exciting.  That’s why she has her very own segment called Emily’s First Time to chronicle all these brand new experiences.  Today, she shared with us

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emily casually dropping an orange peel on the ground outside the station

Is Emily Trash?

Normally our Am I Trash segment is the exclusive domain of Jason Dick, but today for the first time, Emily wanted to know if she was trash for just throwing her orange peels on the ground.  They’re

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