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two week old brisket chili from Franklins open on the kitchen counter

Put Jason’s Gift Horse In Your Mouth!

Jason brought Nick some leftover brisket chili from Franklin Barbeque this morning.  They’re very proud of their meats over there, so this was over $20 worth of chili we’re talking about.  But Nick was less than appreciative

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a list of chores and how much Jason's girlfriend's kid wants Jason to pay him for doing

Bumblito’s Chore Services

Jason’s Bumblina is moving in this weekend, which means her kid, Bumblito is coming with her.  He’s been looking forward to this for while now, and is even willing to help out by taking on responsibility for

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jason standing outside the austin fc stadium

Look Who’s Mr. Soccer Guy Now

Jason managed to make it to the debut of the Austin FC’s home opener this weekend and had a blast.  The stadium is amazing,  the energy of the crowd was incredible, and he even got VIP skip-the-line

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Emily Goes To Jacob’s Well!

I decided to take the plunge and dive into the depths of hell at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley. Fair warning, it is deep but I promise that the demon living at the bottom won’t suck you in.

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Emily photoshopped next to a catfish

Is Emily a Catfish???

  Jason is out again which means the Nick and Emily show continues on! Emily wants to know, is she a catfish? She recently posted a selfie on her Instagram that she claims might not look anything

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