Xposure | Fences, Dehd, Metric

daisy the great

Welcome to this week’s Xposure! Two themes for our latest episode: these songs are brand spanking new AND many of these artists just played in Austin over the last week. Get ready to rock, reflect and then weep!




Dehd – Empty in My Mind


Arcade Fire – Unconditional I Lookout Kid


Brian Jonestown  Massacre – The Real


Bloc Party – In Situ


Daisy the Great – Cry in the Mirror


Weird Nightmare ft Bully – Wrecked


Ty Segall – Hello, Hi


Metric – All Comes Crashing


Spoon Lucifer on the Sofa


PUP – Totally Fine


Interpol – Toni


Girlpool – Love333


Tomberlin – stoned


Fences – A Mission


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