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Meet The Artists Joining Us On Friday For 101X's Day Party During SXSW


Liily is the four-piece group hailing from California who is looking to revive the ‘90s era of hard-rock. Taking inspiration from bands like Foals and Rage Against The Machine, Liily creates a sound that most 19-year-olds tend to steer away from; but that’s what makes Lilly’s music even more desirable. In this day and age where many young musicians try hard to be different, Liily has managed to stand out by making music that has recognizable roots. The band consists of vocalist Dylan Nash, guitarist Sam De La Torre, bassist Charlie Anastasis, and drummer Maxx Morando and together they bring an energy to their performance (both live & in-studio) that some bands tend to forget about, but that fans always appreciate. With the release of their song “Toro” back in 2018, the band has garnered a fanbase both young and old, all of whom are excited to see what these guys will put out next. Catch Liily at the 101X Day Party on Friday when they kick off our showcase at 12 PM!


Cherry Glazerr

When Clementine Creevy first began making music in 2012, she was a solo artist under the name ‘Clembutt’—and it wasn’t until she joined forces with Hannah Uribe, Sophia Muller, and Sean Redman in 2013 that Cherry Glazerr was born. The band signed with Burger Records and released their first two albums, 2013’s Papa Cremp, and 2014’s Haxel Princess; The band later moved over to Secretly Canadian to release their album Apocalipstick in 2017. As a band, Cherry Glazzer roots its music in the grunge and new wave culture of the '90s. As an artist, Clementine Creevy channels her passions for feminism and music to create lyrics that are gender-positive and a little risqué. The combination of sound and lyrics makes for a female-positive band that is making waves in the world of music. 


Wild Moccasins

Back in 2007, Houston natives Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann began playing music together—little did they know this little side-project of theirs would turn into the Indie-Pop band Wild Moccasins. The band has gone through a lot of changes since their formation; A few members left or were replaced, and Gutierrez and Swann (who were originally a couple) ended their romantic relationship. Despite all the drama, the band remained together and in 2010 they were signed to New West Records and released their first full-length album Skin Collision Past. The breakup between Guiterrez and Swann inspired the 2018 album Look Together, which is arguably one of their best. This is proof that sometimes the hardest of situations make for the most beautiful of stories.


Otis The Destroyer

If you live in Austin, you have most likely seen the name “Otis The Destroyer” on a few local lineups. The band originated back in 2015 as singer/guitarist Taylor Wilkins’ time with his former band, the Couch, was coming to an end. As mentioned before, the band has become a big name in the Austin music scene, even earning a Black Fret nomination in 2018. Now in 2019, the band is getting ready to release a new EP titled Cool Evil along with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Stuart Sikes.


Calliope Musicals

Calliope Musicals is different than what many of us in Austin are used to seeing, but we’re not complaining. Fronted by Carrie Fussell, the band describes themselves as a “cheerful psychedelic party folk band”; this claim is backed up by their colorful music & eccentric live performances. Calliope Musicals use of instruments fuels their feel-good sound and aids in creating an experience similar to that of an acid trip.


Quiet Company

February 1st marked the release of Quiet Company’s EP On Corners & Shapes—their first since 2017. 101X Homegrown Live hosted their album release party and now we’re bringing these guys back for the 101X Day Party during SXSW; it’s safe to say we have a lot of love for the band led by Taylor Muse. Quiet Company formed back in 2006 and has gained a lot of recognition as a rock band from Austin, earning them 11 Austin Music Awards such as Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and so on. For a band who’s been in the scene for quite some time, it does not seem like they plan on slowing down anytime soon which is good because who the hell would want them to?


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Ariana Quiroz

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