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10 Tips For Surviving SXSW

SXSW is only a few days away and many of us have already started gearing up for the festival. While some of you may be familiar with the festival and what to expect, some of you may not and that's why we've created this blog. These are tips many of us have had to learn through experience, and wish someone had told us before.


1. Pack light

Don’t overdo it, because chances are you won't want to walk around with a heavy bag all day. Also, some venues are really particular about what you can bring inside and if you’re walking around with a backpack, you may get denied entry. Try a fanny pack, or just using your good ol’ pockets.

2. Plan out your day in advance

Take the time to plan your schedule out for the day; it never hurts to be prepared and SXSW is an event you want to be prepared for. Check the weather, because it can change within minutes! Also, make sure to plan out a route for how you’re going to get from show A to show B without missing the artist you want to see. Check social media in advance to see what's going on that day, and try checking back in every now-and-then while you're on-site to avoid missing any updates or surprise shows—you'd be amazed at how many shows are kept on the DL until the day of.

3. Avoid Driving

Not only is it impossible to get around & find parking but if you’re drinking, there is absolutely no reason to be driving. PERIOD. Walk, bike, scooter, or even use Lyft… trust us, anything is better than driving yourself.

4. Bring extra socks

You’re probably going to be walking around all day and more than likely, your feet are gonna start to sweat (it’s ok, happens to most of us). Bringing an extra pair of socks and changing them out in the middle of your day is a great way to avoid getting sick. We know it sounds weird, but just take our word for it. 

5. Budget

It’s so easy to go overboard when you’re out and about during SXSW, so it’s important to budget properly so you don’t break the bank. There are a bunch of free events you can enjoy during the festival, such as 101X’s Day Party at Buffalo Billiards, so try and find these in order to save some $$$. Also try setting aside a certain amount of cash for the day to avoid overspending. 

6. Bring a portable charger

You can buy one of these at Walmart for 10 bucks and they are definitely worth it. If you’re out alone or with friends, it’s important to keep your phone charged just in case you get separated or need to order a ride home! If you forget to pick one up before the fest, use one of the charging stations inside of the Convention Center!

7. Protect your ears

Music is cool and all, but only if you can hear it. Seriously guys, wear earplugs if you’re going to be jumping from show to show all day, you can thank us later.

8. Hydrate & Eat

Drink plenty of fluids, AND NOT JUST BEER! Make sure you also take the time to eat a full meal. We’re not trying to sound like your parents but not eating will definitely take a toll on your energy levels and your mood! Pack a snack if you need to, and bring a water bottle to refill!  

9. Emergen-C and Pedialyte: Your new best friends.

It's pretty easy to get sick during the festival, which is why many of us who have been to SXSW plenty of times know that carrying around Emergen-C is a must! And for those days you're feeling hungover ( & yes, there will probably be a few of those), try Pedialyte!

10. SLEEP!!!

We can't stress enough how important rest is during SXSW. Although it may seem impossible to find the time to get some shut eye, it's critical to make some. Sleep deprivation is a nasty thing to have to deal with. Try taking a nap at the Convention Center if needed, you wouldn't be the first one to do so. 


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