What Is The Best Little Debbie Snack?

Nick holding up an oatmeal cream pie

We like to have important discussions here on The Morning X. Nick shared this post on Twitter and claims that the only right answers are Swiss Rolls, Zebra Cakes, and Ding Dongs. What do you think? Let us know what your picks are on Twitter @101xMorningX.


Nick Vs. His Roommate’s Cat

Well, Nick might have poisoned his roommate’s cat. Maybe, possibly, who knows? Nick’s mom gave him some DIY shoe odor eliminators that could have become a small snack for a certain cat. But again, it might still not be Nick’s fault!


Happy 3-Year Anniversary of Quarantine!

“Happy” might be an overstatement. Monday marks three years since SXSW was canceled due to COVID-19. Emily wanted to reminisce about the not-so-good old days and discuss some of the things that she actually kind of misses about quarantine.



Mario March Madness Bracket

Okay, we have an idea. Friday is Mario day (MAR10), and we want to celebrate by trying to figure out the best game… bracket style of course. The only issue is, Emily wants to put MarioKart in this bracket. Tell her that she is wrong, or just let us know what you think about this idea.


And if you want even more Emily and Nick fun, check out our TikTok! Earlier this week we tested out the viral #TeenFilter.


Emily and Nick test out the #teenfilter #teenagefilter What do you think?

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