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Text message of Emily's mom not liking her sexy outfit

Moms are brutal, especially Nick and Emily’s. For today’s Dear Redacted, we wanted to discuss some hilariously hurtful things that our moms have said to us recently. Nick wanted to find comfort in his recent breakup, but he was taken aback by the message that he received instead. Bonus Dear Redacted, Emily’s mom hates when she looks hot.


Emily Is Old

With only a few more months to go before her 25th birthday, Emily is already finding out that her body is falling apart. Is it too late for her to be worried or is she just being dramatic?


Nick Needs A Romantic Prospect

Nick is recently single and needs a rebound. The only problem is that all of his “break glass in case of emergency” prospects are off of the market now. If you want to be Nick’s newest hopeful lady, let him know on Twitter @NickMouth.


Mar10 Day

Happy Mario Day! To celebrate, we wanted to give everyone a chance to argue about nerd things. Starting on Monday, we will be pitting some of your favorite Mario games against each other to figure out who will be crowned the best. Feel free to make your winner predictions early on Twitter @101xMorningX if you can’t hold your excitement in.


And finally… if you want to go see Emily in the wild. Come to our SXSW event next Thursday! For more information and for other dates, click here!


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