No Question Is Too Dumb For Jason

stock photo of a bud light in ice

Jason hit us with another Dumb Question Amnesty today, and once again, he did not disappoint.  Jason’s dad came up from San Antonio to watch the Cowboys game last Thursday and maaaay have left some Bud Lights in the freezer.  Thanks dad.  But the cleanup did give Jason time to ponder, does putting things in the freezer really cool things off faster than just putting them in the refrigerator?  Obviously the only way to find out is to ask the radio!


A Bigger A-Hole Than Jason?

For years now Jason’s been asking Who’s The A-Hole and for years he’s lost the Twitter poll we put up to find out.  But finally, we found one that’s practically guaranteed to come back in Jason’s favor.  Last week Jason was at a birthday dinner for one of Bumblina’s friends, and was talking with another guest, who happened to mention that he was not vaccinated.  Later this person wanted Jason to sit next him at the dinner table, and Jason politely declined.  Does that make Jason an a-hole?


Pushing Jason’s Buttons

Normally it’s Jason who’s the master at pushing buttons, but now, thanks to the internet, you can push his.  OK, so it’s not exactly like the touch screen Jason uses, but it’s still all your favorite drops from the show available whenever you want!

Push Jason’s Buttons Here


You Don’t Need A Radio To Listen To Jason Dick And Friends

Don’t forget, you can listen to us on your smart home assistant box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason Dick And Friends). You can also stream us online or on your phone, OR just subscribe to our podcast.


This Is Not Good Video

Sadly Nick’s grandmother passed away last week and her funeral is this weekend.  But if there’s one thing we know about Nick, he’s always looking for the silver linings in life.  Which is why he came in today wanting to know if he could use his Nana’s funeral to boost his dating life and bring a date.  Kinda dark sure, but at this point, Nick will try anything.

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Marvel released the trailer for Hawkeye’s upcoming season, but it seems all anyone can talk about is how much they want a real Steve Rogers musical.


Speaking of musical things. Here’s Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell doing the Grace Kelly Challenge.


And finally, great life hack, but who needs ketchup for McDonald’s fries?


IMPORTANT FRENCH FRY HACK! #tiktokfood #lifehack #savagemom #momsoftiktok #ketchup #frenchfryhack #Buffering

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