Nick Wants To Sell His Roommate’s Foot Pics


Ladies if you are struggling with money, Nick will pimp out your feet pics for a cut of the funds… or at least that is what he claims. Nick’s roommate is struggling to make rent, so he wants to know if this business partnership might work. Have you ever sold photos online? Are you a millionaire now?


Emily’s Plus 1 Issue

If you are attending a birthday dinner, are you entitled to a plus one? What about if you are the only single one at the function? Emily wants to invite her friend to join her but is afraid that she is going to step on some toes. Nick says go for it but Twitter seems to have a different opinion on the matter…


Nick Needs A New Hobby

Poor guy just got dumped by his girlfriend and has no idea what to fill his time with. He considered working out, but he is welcome to any suggestions that you might have. Get at us on Twitter @101xMorningX and give Nick some ideas on how he should fill his time now that he is single.


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