Jason Is Back!!! No, Wait… He’s Gone Again :(

jason wearing blublocker sunglasses in the studio

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Well He Tried

Jason managed to get himself concussed on a brisk jog last weekend and has been out of commission since Monday.  He tried coming in this morning, but we sent him home after it was clear he wasn’t close to his customary 40%.  So it’s back to closet world for him (It’s the only place in his house that’s totally dark).  Hopefully he’ll be healed up by Monday.


Deb’s Personal AT&T Support

Earlier this week Deb asked the listeners for help accessing the DVR feature on her AT&T TV.  Well thanks to listener Brian who works for AT&T, Deb is happily able to record shows again!!! Apparently her Apple TV was getting in the way of AT&T?  We’re not the best with technology.


Who’s Got The Best Ice Cream

Some genius built a website that lets you know if your local McDonald’s has a functioning ice cream machine.  This sparked a heated debate amongst the tweeters as to what is the go to for fast food soft serve?  Is it McDonald’s?  Dairy Queen?  Jason’s Deli? Let us know @JasonandDeb.


C Of The Week

Recently Deb switched to a new medication for her psoriatic arthritis, and it’s not been a great experience.  It dehydrates the crap out of her and gives her terrible migraines.  But she needs it for her hands, and is trying to get the dosage right.  It’s also ridiculously expensive, costing $2000 a month.  It’s such a price gouge that the drug company actually pays for Deb’s $700 co-pay. All this rigmarole behind getting a drug that only kinda works is this week’s C of the Week.


I Love You Call

Since Jason was still being plagued by bright light, we called Florida Eyewear in Orlando to see if they had some super dark shades for him to wear.


You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


This Is Not Good Video

In yesterday’s #TBTwJnD we looked at some interesting pictures Deb’s phone insisted were concert photos.

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Uproxx.com says Dana Carvey was Saturday Night Live’s best president.


100% sounds like Chewbacca.


This is a real record.


And finally…

Trix And Treats Contest

Halloween is just around the corner and we want to see your cutest pet costume pics!  You can enter online and vote once a day, so get your pup up there ASAP!  Winner gets a doggie gift basket from Nulo Pet Food.


Early Voting Is Here

Early voting is here and 101X has a handy-dandy voting guide to make it as easy as possible for you to make your vote count!

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