Emily’s Finally Going To A Texas Football Game!

Young Emily getting accepted into UT

Today was a little teaser for Emily’s First Time. This Saturday CJ Morgan is taking her to her first UT football game! Even though she’s a UT alumnus, she never attended a game. She wants to make sure that she does everything that a true fan needs to do to fully be a fan. Send in your tips for Emily on Twitter @101xMorningX.

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Is It Toxic?

Could this potentially be a new segment? Jason wants to know, is it toxic? If he has to ask this question, then it probably is. He noticed that a female co-worker’s hair might be fake. Is it toxic to even question these things?


Distraction App
You know when you’re not paying attention and you pick up your phone? What is the first app that you automatically click on when you have no thoughts in your head? Jason has discovered what his go-to time-wasting app is and can’t stop thinking about it. If you are a curious iPhone user, go to Settings -> Screen Time -> See All Activity -> Scroll down to the “Pickups” section.


Pushing Jason’s Buttons

Normally it’s Jason who’s the master at pushing buttons, but now, thanks to the internet, you can push his.  OK, so it’s not exactly like the touch screen Jason uses, but it’s still all your favorite drops from the show available whenever you want!
Push Jason’s Buttons Here


You Don’t Need A Radio To Listen To Jason Dick And Friends

Don’t forget, you can listen to us on your smart home assistant box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason Dick And Friends). You can also stream us online or on your phone, OR just subscribe to our podcast.


Daily Morale Boosters

Take that, Jimmy!


Next up, The Sims 4 base game will be FREE. Happy gaming!


And finally, Cardi B gets it.


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