Does Anyone Like E-Scooters?

stock photo of a car after it hit an escooter rider

Recently Emily was driving to work when she almost hit a guy on an e-scooter.  It wasn’t her fault, he 100% blew through a red light, but it does beg the question.  Three years after they started showing up all over town, is anyone actually a fan of e-scooters or are they just a complete nuisance?  You’ll never guess which off us is still a fan.


Jason Needs Adult Help

Jason likes to tell people that he’s the smartest guy they know, but sometimes even he needs help.  Like when it comes to buying new tires for his Tesla.  Jason’s worried the tire people are trying to take advantage of him because have correctly identified him as someone who doesn’t know nothing about tires.  Help, we need an adult!


Pushing Jason’s Buttons

Normally it’s Jason who’s the master at pushing buttons, but now, thanks to the internet, you can push his.  OK, so it’s not exactly like the touch screen Jason uses, but it’s still all your favorite drops from the show available whenever you want!

Push Jason’s Buttons Here


You Don’t Need A Radio To Listen To Jason Dick And Friends

Don’t forget, you can listen to us on your smart home assistant box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason Dick And Friends). You can also stream us online or on your phone, OR just subscribe to our podcast.


This Is Not Good Video

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Dave Chappelle is so big time now he gets to tell Morgan Freeman to shut the f&#$ up!


It seems Netflix may have skimped out on the subtitles for Squid Game.


#squidgame translations are sooo wrong here’s a little example

♬ original sound – youngmi


And finally, not all heroes wear capes, some just invent the fart pedal for their guitar.


Ok, maybe some of you need a acoustic palette cleanser after that…

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