WTF Wednesday: Your Fellow Peaky Blinders Fan Snoop Dogg Has Something New

Snoop Dogg fr. "Red Right Hand" video


Yep, turns out Mr. Broadus and you have even more in common than you thought, if you regularly tune in to see the latest from scheming lover/fighter/Romani blood-haver Tommy Shelby and his Peaky Blinders gang. In fact, Snoop’s such a fan that he’s taken on the show’s musical theme, introducing himself at the outset of his just-released cover of “Red Right Hand” as “Snoop Shelby.”  check it out:



By the way, the legendary originator of “Red Right Hand”, Nick Cave, is in town this weekend for a pair of storytelling-with-music events at ACL Live. Tickets remain for the Sunday is sold out, but tickets remain for the Saturday night event. Nick Cave and his veteran crew The Bad Seeds return with their seventeenth studio record this Friday, titled Ghosteen

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