Liam Gallagher Announces New Single

liam from as it was


Hot on the heels of his brother Noel’s return with new single “Black Star Dancing” comes word that Liam Gallagher has new song “Shockwave” teed up for release this Friday (June 7). The release culminates a big week for “Arkid”–a documentary chronicling his post-Oasis career and would-be return to the top opens in cities across the UK this Thursday in exclusive, one night only event fashion.  Here’s the latest trailer:



Hopefully, As It Was will find its way to the streaming services stateside soon thereafter.

Will both Oasis Gallagher brothers miss an opportunity for strife, with new releases arriving almost simultaneously?  Heck no!  Noel reportedly blocked use of Oasis music in As It Was. And here’s Liam, upon hearing “Black Star Dancing”:



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