Biffy Clyro Shares Surprise New Music

biffy clyro video


Though likely able to walk down any street in America unaccosted, Scottish trio Biffy Clyro are bona fide rock stars at home since their late-90’s start, growing from cult act to perennial festival headliner and inspiring fans and other artists with a blend of aggressive prog and infectious melody.  Count among those inspired Welsh film director Jamie Adams, who approached the band with the idea of making a record that he would subsequently build a feature film around. 


The band announced they were at work on the project last spring; last weekend, the fruits of their labor were presented as a full, straight-to-the-streaming-services album, and were accompanied by a video for the title track, “Balance, Not Symmetry”:



The timing of the release coincides with that of the film’s official trailer:



Balance, Not Symmetry premieres at the Edinburgh Film Festival next month before a wider UK release in July. The band promises a double-vinyl soundtrack LP will follow around the time that the film hits screens.  Stream it ’til then:



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