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Homegrown Replay

Playlist and Podcast for the 09.30.18 Show

Here’s a new 101X Homegrown!  There’s plenty of new tunes, plus recommendations for weekend one of ACL!  Enjoy.

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Star Parks – The Past Is Like A Foreign Country
(NEW) Molly Burch – Candy (Barton Springs, Saturday, 12pm)
RF Shannon – Tooth Ache (BMI Stage, Friday, 11:15am)
Shakey Graves – Mansion Door (Barton Springs, Sunday, 7pm)
Fat Tony – Got It Out The Mud
Jackie Venson – Never Say Die (Tito’s, Saturday, 12:45pm)
The Bright Light Social Hour – Trip With Lola
Sweet Spirit – Touch (BMI, Saturday, 3:30pm)
Golden Dawn Arkestra – Wings Of Ra (Tito’s, Friday, 3:45pm)
Single Lash – Frozen Honey
(NEW) Knifight – Sentient City
Coattails – Waves

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Here's the latest 101X Homegrown update! By the way, don't forget there's a Homegrown Live (details are down below...
Jump in on the latest 101X Homegrown update! Enjoy. Need Something? Hit me on Facebook , Twitter or Email ...
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