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Homegrown Replay

Playlist and Podcast for the 09.09.18 Show

Here’s the latest 101X Homegrown! It’s got some new tunes, show picks for this week and one last reminder about the Homegrown Live this Saturday at Hotel Vegas with Otis The Destroyer, Billy King And The Bad Bad Bad, The Mammoths and Lola Tried!  Enjoy.

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(NEW) Quiet Company – Red Right Hand
Sweet Spirit – The Power
Mean Jolene – Doubt It
Billy King And The Bad Bad Bad – Possession Of Paul Revere
Otis The Destroyer – Goldfame
(NEW) Bad Sports – Don’t Deserve Love
BLXPLTN – Blood On The Sand
My Golden Calf – Young Pioneers
(NEW) The Bright Light Social Hour – Trip With Lola
Caroline Says – Sweet Home Alabama
Hovvdy – Easy
Single Lash – Come True
(NEW) Ghostland Observatory – Miss Abyss

Spend some time with the latest 101X Homegrown! Hit me up via Facebook , Twitter or email if you need something...
Check out a new 101X Homegrown! It's got the latest and greatest out of Austin, plus the scoop on this month's...
Get in on a new 101X Homegrown! Lot of fresh stuff in this week’s show! Hit me up via Facebook , Twitter or email...
I made a new 101X Homegrown for you. It's got all the latest tunes out of Austin, plus info on the upcoming...
Hey you, get in on the latest 101X Homegrown! There’s a few new tunes, plus a whole lot of show recommendations...