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Homegrown Replay

Playlist and Podcast for the 07.08.18 Show

Here's a new 101X Homegrown!  It features the latest tunes from Sweet Spirit, Walker Lukens, Glaze, Ume, Fanclub and Jackie Venson, plus some show picks for this week.  Enjoy.

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Poly Action – Ten Hundred Years
Why Bonnie – Made Of Paper
Summer Salt – Revvin’ My CJ7
Mean Jolene – Scumbag Summer
Sweet Spirit – Los Lonely Girls
Walker Lukens – Tear It Out My Heart
A Giant Dog – Bendover
Spoon – Do I Have To Talk You Into It?
(NEW) Fanclub - Leaves
Glaze - Daisy
(NEW) Ume – Crushed
A. Sinclair – Suit Up
Erika Wennerstrom – Extraordinary Love
Jackie Venson – Never Say Die
My Education – Open Marriages
The Black Angels – I’d Killer For Her

Spend some time with the latest 101X Homegrown! Hit me up via Facebook , Twitter or email if you need something...
Here’s the latest 101X Homegrown! It’s got some new tunes, show picks for this week and one last reminder about...
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Get in on a new 101X Homegrown! Lot of fresh stuff in this week’s show! Hit me up via Facebook , Twitter or email...
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