The One Problem With Deb’s Zombie Apocalypse Outfit

deb wearing her zombie apocalypse outfit consisting of a bright orange hoodie, camo leggings, and boots that go up to her knees

For years Deb’s been saying she would survive the best out of all of us in a zombie apocalypse.  She’s even got the perfect outfit already picked out. It includes a bright orange hoodie so she doesn’t get accidentally shot by one of her fellow survivors, some camo leggings for when she needs to be extra limber when fleeing a zombie horde, and of course some boots that go all the way up to her knees so she doesn’t get taken down by an ankle-biter hiding the grass.  The only problem is that her orange hoodie is one of her favorite tops, and it’s starting to get a bit worn out.  It’s covered in those annoying little fuzzballs and is getting a bit thin in spots. It’s made by Billabong, but so far Deb’s had no luck finding a new one online.  That’s why she made her old worn out orange hoodie this week’s C of the Week for be the one weak spot in her otherwise killer anti-zombie ensemble.


Who’s The A-Hole

Believe it or not, Jason is upset with something Producer Nick did the other day.  For a while now, Deb has been wanting to shoot a video that requires us to go on location somewhere, and she texted everyone else trying to get it officially scheduled on the books.  It happened to be during Jason’s nap time so before he could reply, Nick jumped in to suggest we do it on a Saturday because, “that would work best for Jason’s schedule”.  Which is how we got to Jason accusing Nick of being an a-hole for volunteering him to work on a weekend.  Today, Nick claimed that he was just being a good producer, and that by trying to take charge, it would force Jason to object and take over.  Otherwise he would have just ignored Deb’s text because he doesn’t want to do the video.  (Producer’s Note: Which is 100% accurate)  Was Nick being an a-hole? Probably, but he was doing for a good reason.  Jason just doesn’t like that Nick has learned how to “manage” him for a change.


I Love You Call

The help Deb’s search for a replacement anti-zombie hoodie, we called the Sunrise Surf Shop in Jacksonville, Florida to see if they had anything in stock.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


You Don’t Need A Radio To Listen To Jason And Deb

Don’t forget, you can listen to us on your smart home assistant box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb). You can also stream us online or on your phone, OR just subscribe to our podcast.


This Is Not Good Video

Check out the in studio footage from yesterday’s Am I Trash?, where Jason admitted he tried to sell Producer Nick some toilet AirPods.

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Some folks out there think Amazon’s new electric delivery vans sound like aliens.


Looks like Cheetos is going full Nacho Fries with their upcoming Super Bowl Ad.


And finally, that’s a well trained baby they’ve go there.

If it’s even vaguely rectangular, it must be hand sanitizer from KidsAreFuckingStupid

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