“The Elephant Room”

young jason dick performing on stage with vanilla ice in the year 2000

We realize there’s a lot of questions about what happened yesterday, and unfortunately we don’t have many of the answers you’re looking for.  But we did talk about it on the show today, and hopefully this helps.  AND, while it’s an emotional time for all of us, please don’t call the our front desk or message our social media people to yell at them.  They didn’t have anything to do with anything.



Jason’s Dumbest Anniversary Yet

Impossible transition, but here we go.  Today is the 21 year anniversary of the first time Jason performed on stage with Vanilla Ice at Graham Central Station in Waco.  Mama Dick drove a teenage Jason Dick and his sister to the concert, Jason got to show off his lyrical mastery of Ice Ice Baby for the local news cameras, and then Ice asked the crowd who wanted to come on stage and perform with him.  Naturally Jason crushed it, and would go on to do so multiple times that summer at different tour stops.  Years later Jason would interview Rob on the radio and he was nice enough to pretend to remember Jason from that magical summer in the year 2000.


Daily Morale Boosters

Some company in charge of such things, says the Rocket Mortgage ads with Tracy Morgan were the best from this year’s Super Bowl.


Speaking of, someone gave the Super Bowl streaker the Tecmo Bowl treatment.  He clearly gave himself up before crossing the goal line, but still it’s fun.


This is a pretty good recreation.


And finally, is there a better music teach for home schooling than Dave Grohl?

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