Refuses To Apologize Guy Rides Again

producer nick with his arms crossed and duct tape over his mouth

Today’s That Guy featured the return of a classic That Guy, Refuses to Apologize Guy. Usually Producer Nick is this particular brand of That Guy, but in a new twist, this time he wasn’t actually refusing to admit a particular mistake. Instead Jason wanted Nick to explain a new life philosophy he had heard about and was considering adopting for himself. Nick was listening to a podcast with the former President of ESPN, who mentioned how he tries to operate under a no blame culture. Essentially a no blame culture is when you treat mistakes as part of the process and focus on avoiding them next time and not getting bogged down with who’s at fault. Or at least that’s how Nick interprets it. We wish him luck with that, but something tells us this isn’t the last we’ve seen of That Guy.


I Love You Call

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This Is Not Good Video
Watch Jason play to the camera while asking if his beard dandruff makes him trash.

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Daily Morale Boosters

Is anyone else creeped out by this Matthew McConaughey Super Bowl commercial?


What about this song created by converting the movement of an unborn fetus into soundwaves?


Now Brian May is getting in on the sea shanty craze.


And finally…

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