Do You Want To Build A Dickman?

a shirtless nick giving a shirtless jason a back massage in the studio

This just in, it cold outside.  Everything’s frozen, the highways are closed, and even the massage Jason scheduled to treat himself after a hard week got cancelled.  Luckily Nick has really embraced his #1 Friend role and he’s got Jason’s covered.  Stay safe out there this weekend, and don’t leave the house if you don’t have to.  And if you need something to stave away the cabin fever, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the Jason Dick and Friends podcast.


Dear Redacted!

As you may have noticed there’s a couple of holes in the show’s schedule these days.  Okay, maybe more than a couple, but today we tried to fill one of them with some Dear Redacted from #1 Friend Nick.  If you’re not familiar, we let him blow off some steam by yelling about those who are causing him strife, but we redact their names so nobody can get mad at him. At least that’s how it works when Jason doesn’t just blurt out their name and ruin things.


Have You Met Momo?

Today we were joined by special guest friend, Momo from the evening shift.  You can catch her every weeknight from 7pm to midnight, right here on 101X.  You can hear more of her on the podcast, but since we had some leftover Butt Rock clips from Wednesday, she was kind enough to play a round of $7 Worth Of Hoobastank with us.  Even though she was still in elementary school during the golden era of Butt Rock.  Way to “yes, and” Momo!


Daily Morale Boosters

Sad news for everyone who isn’t Jason Dick.


Houston Texans, you paying attention?


Hard to believe this has never happened to Jason when he had Silent J.


And finally, you can take your remix and shove it!

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