Close Your Damn Mouth When You Chew!

producer nick with duck tape covering his mouth

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Who’s The A-Hole

Today’s Who’s The A-Hole was between Producer Nick and his roomlord, who had to call him out for chewing with his damn mouth open.  Nick did admit going in that he was a-hole and should just learn how to eat like a civilized person, but he disagreed how his roomlord went about it.  Instead of letting Nick’s cudd-chewing grate on his nerves until he snapped, he should have just mentioned it immediately because it doesn’t even register in Nick’s brain that he’s doing it.  Nick lost the room, however, when he also pointed out that his allergies frequently have his nose bunged up, and makes it hard to breathe and eat at the same time.  That’s some Nickipedia logic for sure.


Jason Is NOT A Gorg

Yesterday we did a #TBTwJnD back to when Jason got in the face with a softball and had two black eyes.  Deb said he looked like a Gorg from Fraggle Rock.  So we posted a side-by-side of photo comparison, and Jason took exception to Nick phrasing of the question and thought Jason was still Gorg-like.  So we wanted to make sure everyone knows that Jason is no longer a Shaggy Orange Giant, and is now post-thirst-trap-photos-in-his-little-pink-shorty-shorts-H-O-T hot.  Enjoy.

C Of The Week

In the past, we’ve had serious C’s of the Week and jovial C’s of the Week, but today might have been our first obligatory C of the Week.  Recently Deb has added daily guided mediation to her normal therapy time, and she’s never felt better.  Normally, the fact that one of her neighbors was partially blocking her driveway would end with a note on the windshield.  But the new zen Deb just went around their car because it’s an extra wide driveway, and went about her day.  But since we’re contractually obligated to make someone the C of the Week Deb’s neighbors were it.  Oh, and the ones who leave their trash cans on the street.  That’s just a no brainer.


I Love You Call

Today we called the Big Egg diner in Cleveland to find out their pancake flavor options and ended up in a debate over whether pancakes are savory or sweet.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


This Is Not Good Video

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

The first trailer for Borat 2 is out.  Is nice.


Someone needs to make this happen for real.


The bestest boi


And finally, Hugh Jackmon is apparently a very literal person.


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