Birthday Sushi And Tailgating Mistakes

Deb enjoying a birthday sushi dinner at Uchiko

Happy Birthday Deb!

Tomorrow is Deb’s birthday, but she’s already started celebrating it.  She held a small gathering at her house Saturday, which Jason and Nick did not attend, despite Deb allowing the Longhorns game to be on. Jerks. But she did have fun with the rest of her friends who did show up, and Sunday she had her customary birthday dinner at Uchiko. She even got a bonus P38 roll that was delivered to her table by mistake.  Be sure to send Deb your happy birthday wishes via Twitter and Instagram!

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Jason Makes A Huge Mistake

Producer Nick talking to Jason's new girlfriend at the Longhorn's tailgateIf you haven’t heard the big news, Jason Dick officially has a girlfriend.  Unfortunately he made a huge mistake by inviting her to his Longhorns tailgate this weekend, but not for any of the reasons you would think.  At one point Jason looked up to find Producer Nick holding court with said girlfriend, and decided to take a picture of the two of them so he could text it to her with the caption, “Heartbroken”.  Unfortunately in the heat of the movement, he also decided to include Nick on the text, thereby giving him access to her phone number.  He immediately banned Nick from ever texting her, and since Nick is sooooo good at following Jason’s instructions, there’s no way Nick will ever take advantage of the situation to troll Jason.  Right Nick?  

Deb Makes Some Deals

As you probably know, Deb has recently finished renovating her kitchen, and naturally now has a bunch of extra furniture and what not that she no longer needs.  She put it all up for sale online on Friday, had buyers for everything lined up by Sunday morning, and by Sunday night it was all picked up and Deb was flush with cash.  Unfortunately now it’s time to redo her bathrooms and go through this whole process one more time.

The Last Quien Es Mas Macho Ever?

Listeners have been calling in on Mondays for years to challenge Jason in Quien Es Mas Macho.  Almost as long as Jason has been threatening to put an end to the segment.  Unfortunately he can’t do so without actually winning the Twitter vote and going out on top.  This week Listener Monse called in to see how her weekend stacked up against Jason’s.  She came strong out of the gate by telling us how she helped her sister change the oil and headlights on her car, and topped that with having to bury a dead cat.  Jason brought his A game by flexing about how much he lost playing poker on Friday, Saturday he woke up early to grill a bunch of fajita meat for his Longhorns tailgate, and capped things off by doing another (Nick And) Dick On Sports Live Show Sunday night.  But was it enough to secure one final Quien Es Mas Macho win and ride off into the sunset?  Spoiler Alert: It was not.  Maybe next week Dickman.


The 2019 Emmy Awards were last night. Amazon Prime’s Fleabag and HBO’s Game Of Thrones were big winners.

Seinfeld is leaving Hulu for Netflix in 2021, but the show about nothing isn’t even in Hulu’s top ten most-streamed shows.

Tinder is turning to a Choose Your Own Adventures-style video game to help users find love.


The Cowboys are 3-0 after handling the Miami Dolphins, the Texans outlasted the Chargers to stay atop the AFC South, and the Browns laid another egg against the Rams on Sunday Night Football.

Sad news out of the Forty Acres, former Longhorns quarterback Jevan Snead has passed away at the age of 32.

You can listen to the latest (Nick And) Dick On Sports Live Show or join us live this Sunday at 6pm to cheer on the Cowboys against the Saints at Stereotype!

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