You Can’t Lie To The Dickman

Lie detector polygraph test.

Not to get all real here, but many times in Jason’s past relationships he felt like he could always spot a lie. After talking about the bride who made her bridesmaids all take a lie detector test to find out who leaked information about her wedding on the internet, Jason admitted he would like his ex-wife to take a lie detector test. According to producer Nick, Jason isn’t as good as he thinks at detecting lies. Of course Deb, the voice of reason advised Jason to instead learn from his past and get over it.



If you remember, right before Deb’s vacation to Singapore she got notice she was being sued for a million dollars. He was suing Deb and another person involved in the accident for “suffering”. Well, she finally got the e-mail that everything was settled today and thanks to her awesome lawyer she didn’t have to rake up a million dollars for “pain and suffering”. In addition to this, the guy who hit Deb in last week’s C Of The Week is now changing his story to say he suffered pain from their fender bender, although it was caused by him. Why do people keep trying to come up by putting other people down? To the guy who is trying to make a living by suing people for preposterous things, you know who you are, you are this week’s C Of The Week.



Today we called The Original Flap Jack Shack in Traverse City, MI to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb was able to muster up a conversation about the difference between flap jacks in England versus Michigan and she even got a chuckle from the Original Flap Jack Shack employee. Some first of the month luck must have been on Deb’s side today because after no love all-January long she finally got an I Love You Too!



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Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- The big game is finally coming up this weekend! Listen to today’s last year’s Super Bowl commercials trivia on the 9AM podcast.


See all of the commercials that were mentioned in the game below.



Etsy pringles can tumblers

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BJ’s Wholesale Club is now selling a 28-pound buckets of pancake mix with shelf life of ten years.  

In honor of the woman who drank wine from a Pringles can, an artist made Pringles wine tumblers and they are now for sale on Etsy.

Back in December, a bride’s Facebook post went viral after she gave her guests an expensive dress code based on their weight.  Now, that same bride has given her bridesmaids lie detector tests to find the out who leaked the details of wedding.


If you don’ believe us, see what she had to say about the “Polygraph Party” results below.

Polygraph results posted by bride on the sun

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buffalo chicken dip

Rob Gronkowski expresses how he likes being tickled.

Google data was analyzed to reveal the most popular Super Bowl recipes in each state.

2019 Super Bowl Halftime prop bets suggests Maroon 5 could play ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Sweet Victory.

Bats cause a first-quarter delay in the Brooklyn Nets versus San Antonio Spurs game.


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