Why Is Braidy The C Of The Week?

Deb sitting on the studio floor with her dogs Alfie and Braidy

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C Of The Week

If you live in Texas you know about Green Anoles. They’re those small green lizards run around your backyard puffing out their throats trying to pick up chicks. Well twice now, Deb has witnessed her dog Braidy, straight up murdering them in one quick gulp. Apparently she has a taste for small quick-moving things, as the other day she managed to catch a fly out of the air. Sadly, as much as we love her, this makes Braidy this week’s C of the Week.


What Do You Tip For A Rush Steam Job?

Jason has some big plans tonight. He’s taking off from his KLBJam show and traveling to exotic Georgetown for his ex-girlfriends wedding. It’s his Don’t A Girlfriend if that means anything to you. One problem, becuase of his weight loss odyssey he doesn’t have suit that fits. After a quick trip to Men’s Wearhouse to get fitted, and a couple of clicks on Amazon, he… still doesn’t have a suit that fits. That’s what you get when you buy a suit in size XXL off the Internet. But, the pants fit so he’s just gonna make it work. He also found out Internet suits also arrive wrinkled AF. Luckily he was able to get free steaming at Men’s Wearhouse since he bought a different suit there, and they took care of it for him. Now he can focus on trying to remember the groom’s name so he doesn’t look like an A-hole.

I Love You Call

Speaking of getting stuff cleaned up, Deb has some Timberland sneakers at home that somehow have a grease all over them. We called Dr. Shoe in Columbus, Ohio to see if the could get her Tims squeaky clean like new. Everything was looking like love until Deb mistakenly called him Mr. Shoe instead of doctor. Would she be able to over come such an accidental insult, or would the good doctor stomp all over her heart?

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Trix and Treats Contest

Halloween is just around the corner and we want to see your cutest pet costume pics! You can enter online and vote once a day, so get your pup up there ASAP! Winner gets a doggie gift basket from Nulo Pet Food.


This Is Not Good Video

We played a fun musical game of Does Deb Know Stuff.

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Daily Morale Boosters



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And finally…

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