Why Can’t Robin Drive The Batmobile?

stock photo of the batmobile from the adam west tv series

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Holy Learners Permit Batman!

Saturday was Batman day and since that’s Jason’s favorite superhero, he decided to marathon as many films as possible.  He started off of course with his favorite, the 1989 Batman.  He also watched Batman Begins and had to admit that it’s better than he’s been giving it credit for.  His main problem is that Batman doesn’t show up until halfway through the film.  That brought us to the 1966 Batman: The Movie with Adam West.  It was his first time watching it and he LOVED it.  Within the first twenty minutes you have the Batmobile, the Batcopter, the Bat-ladder, and even Bat-shark repellent.  But Jason did question why Robin is allowed to pilot the Batcopter, but not the Batmobile.  These are the kind of plot-holes that Jason is concerned with.  Not, for instance, why Batman would need to have a molecular dust separator, or why it’s called a Super Molecular Dust Separator and not a Bat Molecular Dust Separator.  Maybe he borrowed it from Superman?


This Is Not How You Cut The Cord

A couple of weeks back former Producer Katy was watching Deb’s pets and one of the cats chewed through the cord of her MacBook charger… twice.  Well it happened again recently and Deb is sick of buying expensive replacements.  We found a cord protector online that claims to work, but if anyone has an home remedies or lifehacks please get at Deb immediately. She was also curious if it’s possible to have someone fix her existing chargers as that surely would be less expensive than buying a new one.


I Love You Call

Since Deb’s cat chewed through her Macbook charger again, we called Dave’s Computers to see if he could solve this cat-astrophe.

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This Is Not Good Video

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Daily Morale Boosters

And this year’s laziest Halloween costume goes too…


The future of dining out?


Believe it or not, but sportsmanship still exists in 2020.


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