Who’s Got Deb’s Old Dealer Plates?

stock photo of a white infiniti qx70 like Deb drives

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Deb’s Diary

If you have Deb’s dealer plates, please stop using the toll roads.  Recently Deb got a toll road bill in the mail, which is confusing because she didn’t remember taking one of the toll roads recently.  After doing some investigative research, she determined that someone is using an old dealer plate from her new car that was supposed to have been destroyed.  Luckily the dealer was willing to cover the tolls, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone is driving around in a car that’s linked to Deb’s name.


Ellen Is Back

Ellen was back doing live shows yesterday and she addressed the toxic workplace allegations.


What Embarrassing Thing Is Your State Googling?

We had some fun with this list of things each state should be ashamed of searching for.  Luckily Texas’ isn’t close to being the worst offender.


This Is Not Good Video

Today we filmed a round of Doug Benson’s IMDB Game which is a rip-off of his Character’s Welcome game, that Producer Nick uses TV Guide.com to make, not IMDB. Confused? You won’t be after another episode of This Is Not Good Video.

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Que the Everclear…


Might want to ask Emmanuel College for their money back.


phone jail fail #fyp #foryoupage #phonejail #wegotitouteventually

♬ original sound – Kristin


Either this is footage from a Russian Teacher of the Year ceremony, or we made a huge mistake in posting it on the blog.


And finally, if you’re a Batman 66 fan like Jason now is, then you’ll love this Twitter account dedicated to their creative use of labels.

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