We Love You Maggie!

Deb drinking wine with her mum and father-in-law on her birthday

Thanks to the coronavirus, we’ve decided to stop calling random business for the I Love You Call and have started calling our own loved ones instead.  Today we called all the way to England to talk to Deb’s mum, Maggie.  We used to talk to her regularly, but our old corporate overloads put the kibosh on international calls. Now that we have new overlords in charge it looks like its game on.  Will Deb get buttslammed by her own mom? Check it out on the podcast and find out.

If you have someone in your life who need some extra love right now, shoot us an email and they just might get a call from Jason and Deb.

That Guy

Today we had a double-barrel blast of That Guys. First off was Calls It Covid-19 Not Coronavirus Guy from Producer Nick.  Obviously he’s team coronavirus, and when someone says Covid instead it sounds “hoity-toity” to his Jarrell ears.  Jason threw out Virtual Happy Hour Guy.  One of his best friends is a big-time happy hour/pub crawl guy and has been trying to get Jason to join him in the virtual world.

While Jason may not be ready for that, he has considered getting back into the videogame world. Back in the day he was a big time NFL Street guy and would regularly get crushed by his former roommate Jeff.  Is it time for Jason to get back into gaming? Stay tuned to find out.

Also if you’re looking for some self-isolation-relief, there might be a virtual listener hangout going on some time soon.  Hit up @WhiteRangerGil if you want in.



Daily Morale Booster

In these weird times we’ve found ourselves in, it’s important to take a moment and find some joy.  Today we’ve tapped into Deb’s family tree again with this duet between her sister-in-law (and kickass singer) Bev Knight and former British boy band member Gary Barlow.  Watch them crush George Michael and Aretha Franklin’s “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”.



If that doesn’t work we also recorded Jason singing in his closet again this morning.  You’re welcome?




Austin ISD has extended school closures through April 13th.

The Senate has passed a coronavirus stimulus deal, but you may not get checks until at least May.

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